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How Many Email Accounts Should You Have - The Techy VA
The number of email accounts you have is a question I’ve received a few times.
It’s not the same number for everyone. So, this is a difficult question to answer and as years go by you don’t use the same email accounts as you used to so let jump into the reasons why you would need more than one email account.

How Many Email Accounts Should You Have

At a minimum, have two accounts – one for essential emails and one for junk.
You can read more about Junk Emails here.
I’ve told you I have six email accounts all Gmail accounts. Why do I have six? Because it depends on who I want to access those accounts. To me, it’s all about access.
First, I have my work account, and I have all my work emails and additional client email addresses set up and forwarded to that account. This way, I’m not hunting through multiple email accounts for emails from a specific client.
I also have a thetechyva@gmail.com so that I would have it and no one else would register it. I would recommend tieing all your social media to this account. Example your YouTube Channel if you tied it to your main account if you have a social media manager they would need to access your main account to update your YouTube Channel.

NOTE: If you are running a business, you should have an email account that is at your company domain – amy@thetechyva.com. It makes you look more professional, and you can forward it to your Gmail, and no one will know the difference.

Secondly, I have a financial email account. What do I mean by financial? I set up a Gmail account to only receive my bills, alerts, banking information, and so on. I did this so my husband would have access and if I ever needed an accountant or something along those lines.
Next, I have a family email account. I know what you think, WTF why? So my husband could have access and the kids when they get bigger. This email account has all the school newsletters, all the sports, dance classes, programs, and so on that the kids are in. If I am looking to find out about a sports schedule, I know where to go.
The job search account is more of a junk account now. I couldn’t get amyedwards@gmail.com apparently there are a lot of Amy Edwards’ out there. So when I was job hunting back in 2013, I created an account just for this. I still check it, and this account still gets emails from Monster and Careerbuilder on occasion, but it is only another junk account I keep around just in case. I’ve got a few of these junk accounts I’ve created for jobs or school that are just junk now. I took a moment to count I have three accounts just for garbage! There is 1 I don’t check at all.
So yes I have six accounts, but 3 are just junk! Here are some questions to ask yourself if you think you want to organize your email accounts as I have.

  • Who needs access to what emails/details?
  • Do I care if they see other important emails?
  • Do you have a separate account just for junk?
  • What categories do you have? I have a job, junk, financial, family, and work.


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