I am obsessed with Inbox Zero but so many of the people I talk to know nothing about it.

These leaves me wondering what their inbox looks like… I won’t judge. I’ve been there not so long ago. I was working a 7-4 not the typical 9-5 job, and I didn’t check my home emails but once a month maybe.


I also have umm five personal Gmail accounts.

Anyways let’s start with the basics.


Merlin Mann developed Inbox Zero. Merlin is a productivity expert, so it must be productive right?? 😊

He introduced the Inbox Zero approach at a Google Tech Talk in 2007. He came up with Inbox Zero after his email struggles.  Watch the Google Tech Talk Here.

So What is Inbox Zero?
Inbox Zero is a philosophy for email management. It focuses on ways to manage your inbox to keep it as close to if not empty as possible.

To say it simply it is your inbox with zero emails.

Just to clarify your account has emails they are just not in your inbox.

Merlin says, “you can have a life outside of email” Do you believe that?! 😉


Now that you understand what Inbox Zero is, let’s discuss the reasoning behind it.

Inbox Zero has many advantages:

• One less distraction
• Less overwhelm and stress
• Less clutter = more focus
• Organization
• More productivity

And that’s just to name a few!

This month I’m sending the kids back to school and focusing on our inboxes. Why inboxes? I feel like an inbox is your first line of defense. Your client’s emails come in there, bills, teachers, kids activities, and everything else.

You have to get organized to be able to prioritize your day and your teams day.

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