Email Inbox Cleanup


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  • I have a quick form I will send over that will get us started.
  • Then we will have a Conversation about – What’s important to you – type document needed, what suits your needs and your business needs. Yes, this is customized to you!
  • I provide you with a full list of your subscriptions that you currently have and you go through and decide what you need and what you don’t (and I’ll unsubscribe for the ones you no longer want).  
  • Layout designed just for you. A fully explained diagram of how the folders are currently organized versus recommended organization.
  • I’ll check for empty/unused folder, organize rename and create folder system customized to your needs based on the approved organization.
  • Clean and organize your inbox into the right folders, via client, timeline, projects.
  • Folder for “Possible Trash” for you to look over, not the real trash (just in case).


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