We all know someone that has gotten hacked on Facebook in the last month.  It happens too often WAY TOO OFTEN, but why?  Why does Facebook get hacked but not your other social media accounts?

There are a few reasons:

• Facebook is the biggest social media platform, on the web currently.  Like PCs vs. Mac, more people own PCs; hence why there are more viruses for PCs than Macs.  Just a number game here.


• How many games or apps do you have installed on Facebook? 🤔 Oh, yea – every time you install a game, add an app or even take a quiz, you get a screen specifying that you need to provide permissions to that service.  It tells you the consent it needs examples include email address, name, friend list, and so on.  This consent can allow the app or game to log on even when you’re not logged in!  


So you’re asking yourself well how can I protect myself and what do I do if I get hacked.  Well for protection – read the permissions thoroughly don’t just skim.  You want to make sure that it isn’t taking anything that you think it shouldn’t have access to.  Most of these will receive your email address, name, and friends list.  If you haven’t already go to your security settings in Facebook and make sure they are set high.  You don’t want unknown people seeing your kids or your family; this is an excellent time to go in and change those settings.


What can you do if you get hacked?

Change your password immediately.  What you can’t get into your Facebook account?  The hacker changed your password?  Reset your password with the forgot password link.  After you have changed your password go into the settings > Security and Login here, you will see the sessions logged into your Facebook account.  If you don’t know one of the locations log out of the session or sessions.  Logging out of those locations will log out your hacker plus you’ve already changed your password so they can’t get back in!


Two more things

Is your profile posting ads and spam since you’ve been hacked?  You will need to report this to Facebook to do so click here or copy and paste this URL – www.facebook.com/hacked/.  Reporting the hack to Facebook will also help you get back your Facebook account if the above steps weren’t helpful.



Think it was an application or website that caused it.  Let’s prevent it from happening again.  Go to Settings > Apps and Websites here you will see a list of sites and apps that have access to your Facebook information.  Now is the time to remove those you don’t use or are suspicious of them. 


Oh, one more minor thing…

Let your friends know.  I know it may seem strange but if your friend got sent an ad from you they probably already know.  But just in case they haven’t checked on Facebook yet let them know.  

Hopefully, with these helpful tips, you will be able to keep your Facebook secure!

August 4th, 2019 Update: Facebook now has multiple sections for Games, apps and websites, and Integrations.  Make sure when you review the Apps and Website you review the sections below as well.


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